Anyone Can Have an Online Store Website

Some entrepreneurs were maybe hesitant to open an online store website because they were not sure whether selling products on an online platform is suitable or affordable.  While hesitation is part of the process in making an important decision, we have rounded up three e-commerce platforms worthy of your consideration based on your business needs, pricing, ease of use and features.
We have also taken into consideration that you might have a small business and intend to stay small, and as such scalability might not be on your list of priorities. At the same time, we appreciate that you might be an online entrepreneur with a need for an online store website that leaves room for growth and allows creative freedom for attractive and robust branding.

E-commerce platforms for different business needs

Whether your business is small or big, there is an e-commerce platform that fits your needs. Here are three online selling platforms to choose from depending on the needs and size of your business

Big Cartel

If you own a small business and you plan to stay small, then it’s hard to go wrong with Big Cartel. Owing to its simple features, this e-commerce platform is best suited for small businesses or entrepreneurs looking to sell items such as personal artwork and prints as opposed to the bulk of products.

If your business is small enough and you are looking to minimize risk and cost, Big Cartel pricing plans may more than likely be appealing to you. With basic sales features, you can even get a free plan that allows you actually to sell. Naturally, the features for that plan are much less compared to the paying plans. The free plan limits you to uploading five products only and no ability to give discounts. But if you are looking for a trial run, this might do just fine as it also allows you to promote and sell your products on social media such as Facebook and Instagramo the bulk of products.

With Big Cartel, even if you start small to test the waters with the free plan, you can always upgrade to three other paying plans. The paying plans roughly range from $10 to $30 with the main difference between them being the number of products you can upload that start from 25, 100 to 300 products.

Big Cartel is limited to three payment options, stripe, PayPal and Square. You might need apps to access additional features, but this is optional if you are keen on keeping your monthly payments low.

This e-commerce platform is relatively easy to use for beginners as the onboarding process is quite friendly with helpful prompts and reminders to help you along. It has decent themes, but customization is a pain if you are not a confident coder. In short, you can make do with most of the features provided if you do not need to do any customization outside of what is provided; Big Cartel is easy to use. However, if you need some creative freedom, you can only bring out the best from this platform if you know how to code.


For entrepreneurs with a flair for creative freedom, Wix is hard to resist as it has a plethora of features that are easy to use to help you come up with smashing online store. The beauty of it is that the Wix web builder is free.

Building an online store could not be easier thanks to Wix’s simplified creation making processes such as a drag and drop editor. This allows you to drag text boxes or video to where you want them to appear on your page and simply drop them.

What makes Wix web builder special, is not just ease of use when it comes to creating your online store, but the fact that you can determine how it will look like with so much ease. As opposed to other web builders where you have to do this from the backend and only see the results of your tinkering when you preview, Wix drag and drop approach afford you the assurance that where you move and drop an item is where it will appear when your website goes live.

Setting up a website in a snap is now a breeze as Wix utilizes a feature known as Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to set you up with a personalized website in no time.

With cut-throat, online competition in retailing, strong branding is a must to establish an online presence. For a small online business looking to establish a strong and attractive brand, the creative freedom and user-friendliness of Wix are likely to work for you. With the help of attractive themes and ease of embedding videos, Wix is a sure winner for those looking to provide a compelling user experience while showcasing your products and improve customer conversion.

Wix monthly plans are affordable considering all the perks it comes with. It has three monthly plans that range from roughly $20, $25 to $35 per month.

When it comes to payment gateways, a Wix online store will not support Amazon or Apple pay but can accept payments from at least eighteen other different payment gateways including the more popular ones such as PayPal, stripe, and Square. Wix boasts of over 50 apps on the online store category at your disposal to aid you in running your store with all the sophistication you need while providing your online store with an edge to compete effectively in a crowded online space.
With a Wix online store, it is hard to believe that you can have so much creative functionality at your disposal without a stitch of coding knowledge.


Shopify is largely deemed as the best well-rounded option when it comes to online selling platforms. Not only is it extremely user-friendly, but you also do not need to know any coding to create and run your online store.
The Shopify web builder will allow you to build a beautiful online store, irrespective of your level of technical competency. This means you can build your online store within an hour or less if you choose to. It also means you would be able to make updates to your online store as you wish.

With Shopify you can be assured of the following:
• Ease of use
• A variety of well-designed themes
• Powerful management tools
• Amazing app to aid you in running your online business

Some of Shopify core tools include analytical tracking, multi-channel integration, and payment gateways to name a few features that your online business cannot do without. If there is any feature that you need and is not built in, you can always find it from a well-equipped app store with about 1200 apps.

Shopify has three plans that roughly range from $29, $79 and $300. Unlike most platforms, Shopify also allows you a free trial of 14 days to have a feel of their online store capabilities before you make up your mind.


There is much business opportunity to be harnessed online as the number of online shoppers continues to grow astronomically. The question is no longer whether you might need an online store, the issue has become, which e-commerce platform would best be suited for your product or services as well as your business needs.
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