Is Magento the Best ECommerce Solution?

Magento is riding high as the best e-commerce software owing to its open-source nature. Open-source software allow you the freedom to tailor your website to your specific needs. The goodness with Magento is that you will be able to scale it as your business grows.

Here are some of the constituent features of Magento that impressed us:

Web Design

Many entrepreneurs intending to launch their business online are usually weighed down with lack of the necessary web design and development skills. The only way for them is engaging a professional web developer. The problem is that web developers are expensive and will usually take a long time to come up with your desired website. With Magento, you do not even require the services of a web developer. There are thousands of website templates ready for you to choose from. All you need to do is to customize your theme of choice to fit your brand.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is among the main essential features that will determine whether your online venture succeeds or fails. The goodness with Magento is that it takes care of the checkout and secure payment processing. Magento offers various payment solutions but also allows you to use other Payment Gateways such as Amazon Payments, Simple Pay, Google Checkout, PayPal, and

Responsive design

Magento templates are highly responsive meaning your customers will be able to access your online store from any device. Many people nowadays are buying through handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Using a responsive Magento E-commerce template will ensure that you get a broader reach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A successful website is that is discoverable on the leading search engines. Magento comes ready with SEO tools and configurations that help to boost your online traffic. The features include having control over URL’s, Site Maps for Google and other leading search engines, and Metadata for products and categories.

Easy Product Management

Magento enables you to import easily and export inventory, customization of your product pages with images, special pricing options, and zoom capabilities.

Marketing and Order Management

Magento allows you to drive sales with promotions such as special pricing, private sales, free shipping and discounts among others. You can manage transactions through the admin panel. You can issue invoices, fulfill and ship customer orders.

Analytics and Reporting

With Magento, you can easily measure your online store’s performance through Google Traffic Analytics integration. You also get helpful reports on sales and Shopping Cart, viewed products and comparisons.